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Honeywell 4800p 2D Image Pod (4800PSF151C-0G00E)

Honeywell 4800p 2D Image Pod (4800PSF151C-0G00E)

SKU: 4800PSF151C-0G00E

Configuration: 4800pSF 2D Image Pod (USB User's Guide Kit, USB Cable and 2D Imager)


Honeywell's 4800p 2D Image Pod Scanner is a perfect blend of barcode scanning and digital image capturing. Due to its compact size and small footprints, it can be easily installed in a very limited space and delivers highly superior performance. Its continuous scan mode allows very quick automated scanning by just placing the objects in front of the scanner without the requirement of pressing the trigger multiple times. Its integrated tray can easily capture images of even small sized documents like license, ID cards, medical prescriptions and efficiently store the same from hard copy documents to digital form. In addition, it is powered by Adaptus Imaging Technology 5.0 that provides fastest reading of linear, stacked and 2D barcodes.


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