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Honeywell Dolphin 9900 Wireless Mobile Computer (9951L0P-331200)

Honeywell Dolphin 9900 Wireless Mobile Computer (9951L0P-331200)

SKU: 9951L0P-331200

Configuration: Dolphin 9951 Wireless Mobile Computer (802.11b-g, Bluetooth, ADV Long Range Laser, 35-Key, WM6.1)


Honeywell's Dolphin 9900 Mobile Computer is an ideal device designed specifically for efficient data collection and communication. This tremendously user friendly and feature rich device enhances user's efficiency and productivity. Due to its Adaptus Imaging Technology, workers can perform their tasks much more quickly and proficiently whether it is 2D barcode scanning, digital image capturing or electronic signature capturing. Its incorporated WAN and LAN features facilitate connectivity between enterprise and workers through voice communications and data transfer. Its Shift-PLUS power management technology allows Dolphin 9900 to work for more than 10 hours, thus eliminates the need of charging again and again and ultimately increases battery life.


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