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Honeywell MS7600 Series Horizon (MK7620-71C07)

Honeywell MS7600 Series Horizon (MK7620-71C07)

SKU: MK7620-71C07

Configuration: MS7620 Horizon (USB Keyboard Wedge, 220V, Plastic Top and STD Glass)


Honeywell has come up with the latest and the most advanced in-counter laser barcode scanner named Honeywell MS7600 Series Horizon. This small laser scanner offers 20 lines omnidirectional scan pattern, thus delivers quick and productive output. Its EAS deactivation antenna and IR Laser activation makes MS7600 Horizon superior and more efficient than other laser barcode scanners in its range. The EAS deactivation antenna reduces shrink and provides simultaneous scanning while IR Laser activation wakes up the unit from sleep mode to read barcode immediately. All these features provide comfort to the user and increase their efficiency. In addition, its RS232 auxiliary port can be connected with hand-held scanner and facilitates scanning of large bulky objects. Its multiple interfaces and data parsing make MS7600 Horizon compatible with almost every POS system.


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