Honeywell MX7 Wireless Handheld Computer (MX7L2D1BKA0US4D)


Category: SKU: MX7L2D1BKA0US4D

Product Description

Honeywell’s MX7 Wireless Handheld Computer is the most prominent mobile computer with its various impeccable field-proven features like keypad and touch screen support, memory, Bluetooth connectivity, color display and more. All these features make this handheld computer an ideal productivity tool for warehousing applications. Its IP65 rated design can resist several 6′ drops to concrete; thus delivers durability and reliability. It can be used both as hand-held and vehicle mount computer as per user’s requirement. Due to its voice-driven applications, it can work efficiently as vehicle mount computer. This MX7 handheld computer is very well accepted by various renowned and respectable companies all around the world.


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